HYIPLAB – Complete HYIP Investment System


HYIP Lab is an advanced investment platform that works efficiently with all devices. This is a well-architect, powerful, secure, well-optimized, and SEO Friendly web application that comes to satisfy all investment platform owner need. HYIP Lab is ready to use web script for the business owner who wants to run and promote their next HYIP Investment business flawlessly.

HYIP Lab is the most advanced HYIP investment system script in Codecanyon. This comes with easy to use admin panel which leads to use without any coding knowledge. This script comes with 20+ Automated online payments gateways to make the payment easier.

HYIPLAB - Complete HYIP Investment System - 3

We will update this script continuously and come with new features and security patches. Our goal is to be the best HYIP script provide in the market.

Demo Access:

Admin Access:

HYIPLAB - Complete HYIP Investment System - 4


Version 2.1 – 05th June 2021

  • [ADD] Dynamic background for cookie policy
  • [FIX] SMS gateway update from the admin panel

Version 2.0 – 01st June 2021

  • [ADD] Dynamic holiday system
  • [ADD] Dynamic promotional material system
  • [ADD] Cashmaal automated payment gateway
  • [ADD] Notification on admin dashboard
  • [ADD] Email log for each user from the admin panel
  • [ADD] Dynamic SMS system added with few providers
  • [ADD] GDPR cookie alert added with admin setting
  • [ADD] Admin can add custom CSS from the admin panel
  • [ADD] Admin can clear cache from the admin panel
  • [ADD] System information can be seen from the admin panel
  • [ADD] Admin can see user with deposit wallet balance
  • [ADD] Admin can see user with interest wallet balance
  • [ADD] Provision of API for mobile app (Mobile apps coming soon)
  • [FIX] SMTP email sending issue
  • [FIX] Balance transfer details username issue
  • [FIX] Copy referral link from user dashboard
  • [FIX] Responsive table title on my referral
  • [FIX] PHP email reply to issue
  • [FIX] Test email send vis SMTP
  • [FIX] Transaction section header on both template
  • [FIX] Few responsive design issue
  • [FIX] Few spelling issue
  • [PATCH] Admin dashboard is more informative now
  • [PATCH] Admin panel reports/logs are in better view
  • [PATCH] Investment plan creation with better validation
  • [PATCH] Registration page is more user friendly now
  • [PATCH] Latest Laravel security patch
  • [PATCH] System migrated to Laravel 8

Version 1.3 – 13th January 2021

  • [ADD] PHPMAILER added for SMTP
  • [FIX] updated to adopt latest versions

Version 1.2 – 18th December 2020

  • [ADD] User to user balance transfer with admin permission
  • [FIX] Automated gateway ID required issue
  • [FIX] Address issue on user profile update on BitGold template
  • [FIX] Address issue on user profile update on NeoDark template
  • [FIX] Address issue on admin panel on user details view

Version 1.1 – 12th December 2020

  • [ADD] Fake transaction add from admin panel
  • [FIX] Register page captcha position on BitGold template
  • [FIX] Login menu issue on mobile device on BitGold template
  • [FIX] Dashboard responsive issue on BitGold template
  • [FIX] Register page captcha position on NeoDark template
  • [FIX] Withdrawal method field required issue
  • [FIX] Responsive issue on admin panel
  • [FIX] Fullscreen issue on admin panel
  • [PATCH] Latest Laravel security patch