Money Pro – Cashflow and Budgeting Manager


Track Money flexibilty, Easy and efficient track income and expense. Plan your monthly budget with budget planner & achive your goals or dream easy with goals tracker. Show report with rich reports function from income, expense, goals, account transaction and compare your income vs expense easy.




  • Standalone application (not SAAS version)
  • Income Tracking
  • Budget Management
  • Manage all accounts in one place
  • Track your spending on the go
  • Rich Reports
  • Save Money for Goals
  • Expense Tracking
  • Expense VS Income
  • Budget Vs Actual
  • Upcoming Income
  • Upcoming Expense


username :
Password: 123456




Change Log

Version 3 (06-07-2021)
Updated UI
Boostrap version 4
Updated Plugins
Fix bugs
Version 1.2.6 (16-02-2020)
Fix small bugs
CSS minor changes
Version 1.2.5 (21-08-2018)
Fix small bugs
add new features upcoming income
add new features upcoming expense
support search by name in all reports
upcoming income/expense with receive/pay from/to an account
Version 1.2.4
Fix small bugs
Version 1.2.3
Fix small bugs
Fix menu in responsive design (mobile version)
Version 1.2.2
Fix small bugs
add new language (spanish) - thanks to leonmsaia
Version 1.2.1
Fix bug
Added features import income by csv
Added features import expense by csv
Added translations
Added Date format
Added Account Detail with graph
Added Quick Menu
Version 1.1.1
Fix bug
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