TokenLite – ICO / STO Token Sale Management Dashboard – ICO Admin Script


TokenLite – ICO Script brings all kind of components, functional features that helps to Cryptocurrency Agencies / Startup to Lunching their ICO, sale their token, and get contribution from investor.

If you going to start your new business with crypto/blockchain then you might need to run ICO / STO / IEO to sale your token/coin and raising funds or get investment and make your project/product success. You are in right place because TokenLite helps you to do everything very easily.

Our ICO Admin Scripts helps your contributor to purchase your token easily. You can manage your token amount, soft-cap/hard-cap, token price, bonus through each stage and set payment wallet address that automatically apply on purchase process.

It’s support major and most popular cryptocurrency (ETH, LTC, BTC, BCH, BNB, TRX, XLM, XRP, USDT, USDC, DASH) with fiat currency (USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, AUD, TRY, NGN, INR, RUB) so helps you sales your token in any currency. You can easily manage which currency will be accept or not and also can be set based currency your own.

It has built-in referral bonus management system so investor/contributor can invite more people to bring into your platform. You can specify the bonus amount for both user as who invite and who join and bonus will automatically adjust once transaction approved.

TokenLite included 2 Layer security option as Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for every users so they can protect their account more strongly. Also system allow to change password through email confirmation which give more security for users.

In latest version included export option that allow to download all the transaction/user list in CSV with different edition (Entire, Compact, Minimal). Export also allows on after search/filter which is helps you get perfect export data for reuse.

Backbone of TokenLite is Laravel v5.7 – the most popular and secure PHP web framework. It also used jQuery, Bootstrap v4 and Back-end UI of TokenWiz. You can easily customize everything, add your own functionality, other php-library, add-on or module, if you familiar with PHP/Laravel.

Please contact us via support tab, if you need any help or adding feature that helps you to your token sales.

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TokenLite – ICO / STO Token Sale Dashboard Features

  • A complete solutions ICO / STO token sales
  • Clean, modern, great looking UI interface.
  • Build-in 5+ color scheme / preset for User and Admin area.
  • Sale your Token and manage them easily.
  • User Verification system.
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for all users
  • Login/Register with social account (Facebook & Google)
  • Multiple Layout for Login/Registration for page
  • KYC/AML system for Identify users.
  • My Token page for investors to view every thing on same page
  • Control KYC From Fields to show/hide and required or not.
  • Set KYC verification is required for purchase token.
  • Payment Gateway – (Offline Cryoto & Bank Payment)
  • PayPal Online Payment Gateway.
  • Referral Bonus Program Supported.
    (If you need multi-level referral bonus system, please contact us via email)
  • Total 40+ currencies supported in application.
  • 6 Main currency supports – US Dollar [USD], Pound [GBP], Euro [EUR], Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH], Litecoin [LTC]
  • Additional Crypto-currency – Ripple [XRP], Stellar [XLM], Bitcoin Cash [BCH], Binance Coin [BNB], Tether [USDT], TRON [TRX], Dash [DASH], USD Coin [USDC], Waves [WAVES], Monero [XMR]
  • Additional Fiat Currency – Canadian Dollar [CAD], Australian Dollar [AUD], Russian Ruble [RUB], Turkish Lira [TRY] , Indian Rupee [INR], Nigerian Naira [NGN], Brazilian Real [BRL], New Zealand Dollar [NZD], Polish Złoty [PLN], Japanese Yen [JPY], Malaysian Ringgit [MYR], Indonesian Rupiah [IDR], Mexican Peso [MXN], Philippine Peso [PHP], Swiss franc [CHF], Thai Baht [THB], Singapore dollar [SGD], Czech koruna [CZK], Norwegian krone [NOK], South African rand [ZAR], Swedish krona [SEK], Kenyan shilling [KES], Namibian dollar [NAD], Danish krone [DKK], Hong Kong dollar [HKD]
  • Application Access API to access data from external site.
  • Export Option (Transactions/Users/KYC) in CSV format.
  • Separate wallet option a KYC form wallet and User receiving wallet.
  • Wallet can be set single or multiple with your own name.
  • 12 ICO Stage option with update and separate settings.
  • Multiple Tier base price control.
  • Fixed & Tier base amount bonus.
  • Automatic and manual exchange rate.
  • Manually Add token or bonus token to User account.
  • Manually review transaction and approve payment.
  • Transaction List & Details for User and Admin.
  • Each Stage Overview (At a glance) for Admin
  • Advance search and filter option for Transactions, Users and KYC
  • Quick & Jump pagination option for Transactions, Users and KYC Listing
  • Website settings, Pages management.
  • Full White-label Branding feature (automatic) against Extended License.
  • Multilingual support for User/Investor area – You need to translate own language
  • Manage Language and Translation from Admin Panel
  • Google reCaptcha v3 supported on Login and Registration page.
  • Email Template and Admin notification management.
  • Fully Responsive and Optimized Layout.
  • Regular update with new features and bug fixing if encounter.
  • Support modern browser and cross browser compatibility.
  • Free premium and quick support 24/7.

Demo Access

  • Demo URL:
  • Admin Demo Access: info(at) || demo11
  • User / Contributor Access: Register with your email address and see demo
    (email verification required to active account)
  • Documentation:

Personal Demo Access Before Purchase

If you want to try our script functionality before final purchase, then please email us at info(at) We will setup a separate demo and provide to you. Feel free to ask us if you have any question before purchase.

What do you get?

  • TokenLite Scripts Files
  • Manual Instruction Files
  • Documentation File


System does not automatically actual token (smart contract) to your contributor wallet. You have to send actual token after or during your sales.

The application/script is required registration with Envato Purchase Code to unlock application and admin features. Please feel free to contact if you face any problem.


We give support for all our items. We try to answer all questions within 24 hours in weekdays. Support requests receive during weekends or public holidays will be processed on next Monday or the next business day.

Sources and Credits

Exchange Rate
Cryptocompare API.

UI Interface
TokenWiz – ICO User & ICO Admin Dashboard.

Fonts and Icons
Roboto, FontAwesome, Themify Icon, Custom icons by Softnio Team

jQuery Plugins (Javascript)
jQuery, jQuery easing, Bootstrap, Final CountDown, DropZone, Select 2, DataTable, DatePicker, TimePicker, Magnific Popup, Chart JS

Changes log

14 Jul, 2021 – v1.3.0

PayPal new SDK implemention & KYC security improvement.
Updated all the PHP libraries to improve security.


+ PayPal New SDK Implemention.
+ Missing key added into translation manager.
+ Format setting added into ICO/STO settings.
!+ Monero public address validation issues.
!+ KYC document upload/remove issues.
!+ Payment cancellation issues when sending email.
!+ Class not found for TranslationServiceProvider.
!! JS code updated to change static text.
!! All the php packages (vendors) updated to improve security issues.


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are using v1.2.1 or older version, then as soon as possible you should update your application to v1.3.0 version as this a MAJOR RELEASE. More importantly we have updated PayPal SDK to new one as old version no longer working.

10 Mar, 2021 – v1.2.1

!+ Fixed: Validation issues fixed on activation for new installation.

09 Mar, 2021 – v1.2.0

Improve overall system performance, also integrated query cache system into application.
Majorly speed up the token purchase process & updated all the PHP libraries to improve security.
PHP 7.2.5 is required to run the latest version and application tested with PHP 7.4.


+ 6 more new fiat currency added into the application for localized. (Currencies are - Hungarian Forint [HUF], Pakistani Rupee [PKR], Egyptian Pound [EGP], Chilean Peso [CLP], Colombian Peso [COP], Jamaican Dollar [JMD]).
+ KYC Application show / hide option added in admin panel.
+ Token Sales Progress show / hide option added in admin panel.
+ Welcome block image show / hide option added in admin panel.
+ 3 more stage added into system, so total 15 stage allow use.
+ Slow down issues fixed in token purchase process.
+ Minimum token amount to purchase setting issues (it can set 1 now).
!+ Security issues of KYC document view permission for a user.
!+ All the payment method updated for improving speed.
!+ Payment methods updated based on new currency.
!+ Font library update for new currency as well as stylesheet.
!+ All the vendor packages/php libraries updated to improve security issues.


Caution: If you are using v1.1.7 or older version of the application and plan to upgrade new version of v1.2.0, then you must check your PHP version before upgrade, as the latest version required PHP 7.2.5.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You should upgrade your PHP version from your server if you are using lower than PHP 7.2.5 version.

09 Jun, 2020 – v1.1.7

!+ Bitcoin address validation issues fixed.
!+ Update some vendor package library to improve security.

01 Jun, 2020 – v1.1.6

+ 13 New Fiat Currency ('Mexican Peso [MXN]', 'Philippine Peso [PHP]', 'Swiss franc [CHF]', 'Thai Baht [THB]', 'Singapore dollar [SGD]', 'Czech koruna [CZK]', 'Norwegian krone [NOK]', 'South African rand [ZAR]', 'Swedish krona [SEK]', 'Kenyan shilling [KES]', 'Namibian dollar [NAD]', 'Danish krone [DKK]', 'Hong Kong dollar [HKD]') added into system.
+ Admin can select default language for user panel, user can switch prefer one.
+ 6 more stage added into system, so total 12 stage allow use.
!+ Minor issues adjusted into login system.
!+ Updated: Payment method updated based on new currency.
!+ Updated: Custom font library for currency as well as style-sheet.

25 Nov, 2019 – v1.1.5

+ Add new 6 Fiat Currency (Brazilian Real [BRL], 'New Zealand Dollar [NZD]', 'Polish Złoty [PLN]', 'Japanese Yen [JPY]', 'Malaysian Ringgit [MYR]', 'Indonesian Rupiah [IDR]') and 2 more Crypto-Currency (Waves [WAVES], Monero [XMR]) added into system.
!+ Maximum login attempt issues and set limit to 5 before locked down for while.
!+ Fixed number format issues as display scientific format.
!! For calculation purpose now decimal value can set upto 10 (min) and 18 (max).

09 Oct, 2019 – v1.1.4

+ Google reCaptcha v3 feature added into login and registration page. Option found in Settings > Website Setting > API Settings tab to set site and secret key.
+ Added some missing translated text in Manage Languges.
!+ Twice approving/canceling issues for multiple admin in transaction.
!+ Very old version to New version upgrading issues fixed.

21 Sep, 2019 – v1.1.3

+ NEW Language Management system included to manage language from Admin Panel (Settings>Manage Languages). Now add unlimited language and translate them easily.
!+ INR and NGN currency issues in payment method.
!! Adjusted few core function to compatible for add-on.

29 Aug, 2019 – v1.1.2

+ Add new 2 more fiat currency (Indian Rupee [INR], Nigerian Naira [NGN]) and 2 more crypto-currency (USD Coin [USDC], Dash [DASH]) added into system.
+ 3 More Stages Added into application that helps you sale more.
+ Stage Overview option added in Stage so Admin can see 'at a glance view'.
+ My Token Page added for Users so user can see their balance overview.
+ Stage Based overview option added into My Token page for Users.
+ View Referrals by User from Users List in Admin panel.
+ Refund Option added for Approved transaction in Admin panel.
+ Userpanel Setting added into ICO/STO Setting page in Admin panel.
+ 'Contribution In' currency can be choose from Userpanel Setting.
+ Refund email copy for user added into Email Templates.
+ Logo added for all Email Template (see documentation).
!+ Total sold and unsold token amount wrong calculation (critical).
!+ Loading issues fixed on Buy Token page when multiple fiat currency enabled.
!+ Referral bonus adjustment issues when limited with number.
!+ Referral earning amount calculation issues.
!! Sold & Unsold amount now calculated based on approved transaction.
!! Separated the 'Referral Setting' page to easily manage.
!! The 'Management' menu name change to Settings.
!! Referral bonus can be limit with total referral bonus now.
!! Crypto Font updated for loading issues.
!! Core stylesheet updated to fix some responsive layout.
!!  Vendor packages of Laravel updated.

Caution: This version required database migration for refund option & upcoming new language system. Please update add-ons with latest version, eg. if you are using CoinPayments payment addon.

Important Note: IF YOU ARE USING V1.1.1 OR LOWER VERSION, Please update your main application IMMEDIATELY as a critical calculational issues fixed in v1.1.2.

16 July, 2019 – v1.1.1

+ Add new 4 more fiat currency (Canadian Dollar [CAD], Australian Dollar [AUD], Russian Ruble [RUB], Turkish Lira [TRY]) added into system.
+ Option added in Referral bonus to define individual setting for who join and who invited.
+ In admin panel option added to control 'receiving wallet address' red info box.
+ Hide option added so you can simply hide receiving wallet address add area.
+ New color preset (Watermelon Green) added for user panel.
!+ Wallet address disable issues fixed in KYC application from.
!+ Raised/Total wrong amount show in progress bar if choose other currency.
!+ Admin chart color issues if other theme choose except default theme.
!! Vendor packages of Laravel and core stylesheet updated.

5 July, 2019 – v1.1.0

+ Advance search and filter option added for Transactions, Users and KYC in Admin Panel.
+ Introduced 6 New Crypto-Currency (Ripple [XRP], Stellar [XLM], Bitcoin Cash [BCH], Binance Coin [BNB], Tether [USDT], TRON [TRX]) added into system.
+ 6 Wallets Address added into Manual Wallet Payment module.
+ Added Export Option (Transactions/Users/KYC) in CSV format from Admin Panel.
+ Full Whitelabel Branding feature (automatic) who purchase Extended License.
+ QR Code added when user going to purchase token (crypto payment only).
+ Quick and Jump Pagination added into Transactions, Users and KYCs pages.
+ New Design Layout option added for all Auth (login/registration) related page into Management>Website Settings>General Settings.
+ Wallet address required or non-required option for transaction and network confirm number added for each manual wallet payment.
+ Receiving wallet option added into ICO/STO Settings (separated from KYC).
+ System Information page (Management>System Info) add into Admin Panel.
+ In registration page referral info showing option added in Referral Setting.
+ One new color preset (Orange) added for user panel.
+ KYC quick link added from User Lists page if KYC submitted.
!+ Public KYC Application page access issues when admin login.
!+ Total Token number in billion number value saving issues.
!+ Huge numbers of transactions/users loading in single page issues.
!+ Softcap amount restriction removed in Stage settings.
!! Admin navigation update for Transactions/KYC/User menu.
!! Scripts/Product activation system activate and required.
!! Vendor packages of Laravel and core style-sheet updated.
- Old transaction filter option removed from Admin Panel.

Caution: This is one of major release as introduced lots of features. This version is also required registration with envato purchase code to unlock application and admin features.

Important Note: As per Envato License Terms, one purchase code is valid to install or active one application. So please install the application into correct domain to avoid any kind of issues. If you activated in wrong location and want to change new one, please feel free to contact.

29 May, 2019 – v1.0.6

+ Exclusive Application Access API to retrieve data from external site.
+ Option added in ICO/STO Settings to control sales progress in token or currency.
!+ KYC Form single document selection issue fixed.
!+ In sale countdown, full hour and minute issue fixed.
!+ Fixed pricing tier end date-time not saving correct value.
!+ In Stage timepicker format and on-change submit button issues fixed.
!! User input data sanitization to Prevent XSS Injection/Exploits.
!! All the vendor packages of Laravel updated.

23 May, 2019 – v1.0.5

+ 2 New Pre-build color preset added for dashbaord (Red, Gold).
+ Option added in ICO/Stage Settings to control decimal display for dashboard.
!+ User contributed 1k+ amount number issues fixed.
!+ KYC Settings all option data saving issues.
!+ Custom Stylesheet saving issues in admin panel.
!+ Sales Countdown hide after token sale expried or completed.
!+ Unable to add token manually in fiat currency issues.
!+ Received amount fixed when add token manually.
!+ Separated transaction details for bonus type transaction if admin added.
!! Branding related files (logo, favicon, social) move to '/public/images' (Old path - '/public/assets/images').
Caution: In this version we moved all the branding files (eg. logo, favicon, social) to public/images folder. So you need to move your current logo, favicon etc, otherwise branding file will be missing.

16 May, 2019 – v1.0.4

+ Two New Fiat Currency added into application (Euro & Pound)
!+ User contributed amount issues fixed & now only show what user contributed.
!+ Admin dashboard contributed amount fixed.
!+ Since last week data fixed in Admin dashboard.
!+ Referral/Bonus transaction wrong amount calculation.
!+ Login/2FA page updated footer & copyright info.
!! Some blade file updated for remove html comment.

Caution: To active new currency first from token purchase settings then you must update Payment Methods>Manage Currency settings to update exchange rate. 

11 May, 2019 – v1.0.3

+ Integrate full Referral tracking and Referral bonus system.
+ Search option enable for Country selection in KYC application & profile page.
+ View all transaction list from Users List in Admin panel.
+ View last login activities by user from Users List in Admin panel.
+ Filter by Payment Gateway in Transaction list page.
+ Filter by Transaction Type in Transaction list page.
+ Filter Option added in User Transaction list page.
+ User search option add for manually add transaction.
+ Account Holder Address add into Bank Payment Method.
!+ 2FA content added in language file for translate.
!! Admin navigation update for Transactions menu.
!! All list pages (transaction/users etc) show 10 items per page.

Caution: This version required database migration for referral system work.

29 Apr, 2019 – v1.0.2

+ 2FA Security Option for User/Admin via Google Athenticator.
+ 2FA Reset Option from Admin panel for if a user lost their phone.
+ New filter option added in User List (Has Token).
+ Header/Footer Code option in Website Settings > Advanced tab.
+ Admin Theme Option in Website Settings > Genaral Settings tab.
+ Custom Stylesheet option for your personalize style.
+ Separate the Manual Wallet and Bank Transfer in Payment Setting.
+ PayPal Payment gateway added in Payment Method.
+ Bank address field added in Bank Transfer payment method.
+ More social link added in Website Settings > Social Links.
+ New option to Control Social link to show/hide in user area.
!+ Fixed KYC form validation issue when user try to upload document.
!+ Fixed KYC form supported wallet issues.
!+ Fixed language switcher issues on login/register pages.
!+ Fixed some styling issues for new payment option.
!+ Fixed Sales Start/End In countdown option issue in user area.
!! Purchase Token process improve for user/contributor.
!! Payment system changed to Module based for add more payment option in future.
- Unrelated payment controller files from script.

Caution: Please review and re-save website settings and payment method after update

14 Apr, 2019 – v1.0.1

+ Added multi-language switcher in configure file (only supported on investor panel).
+ Added confirmation for active/inactive in stage.
!+ Fixed whitepaper upload issues in admin panel.
!+ Fixed public KYC form and Admin Setting.
!+ Fixed stage price & bonus validation.
!+ Fixed responsive issues in Admin panel.
- Remove Unwanted email template.

11 Apr, 2019 – v1.0

+ Initial Released